Battle Creek, Michigan

Charlotte Michigan Stockpiles

At Battle Creek Drone, we understand the challenges faced by the construction industry and offer tailored aerial solutions to help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance project management. Our state-of-the-art drones, operated by FAA-certified pilots, capture real-time data and high-quality visuals to assist you in making informed decisions and driving your projects to success.

We feel the most important aspect that we can offer is safety. Enhance on-site safety by identifying potential hazards and monitoring compliance with safety regulations. Drones can assist in reducing the exposure of personnel to dangerous areas and situations, keeping your team safe.

Downtown Battle Creek Battle Creek Drone
I-69 Construction drone photo

Site Mapping and Surveying

Obtain accurate measurements, topographical data, and high-resolution orthomosaic maps to plan and execute your projects with precision. Our drones can quickly capture data from even the most challenging terrains, significantly reducing time and cost compared to traditional surveying methods.

Progress Monitoring and Reporting

Keep stakeholders informed and track project progress with regular aerial updates. Our drone imagery can be used to create detailed reports, showcasing various stages of development and allowing you to make proactive decisions to avoid delays or cost overruns.

Time-lapse Videos

Document your construction project from start to finish with captivating time-lapse videos. These visual records can be used for marketing, stakeholder presentations, or project retrospectives to showcase your team’s accomplishments.

Inspection and Quality Control

Identify potential issues, assess structural integrity, and ensure adherence to quality standards with aerial inspections. Our drones can safely access hard-to-reach areas, capturing high-resolution images and videos for detailed analysis.

Earthwork Volume Calculations

 Accurately calculate stockpile and excavation volumes using 3D models generated from drone data. This information helps streamline resource management and minimize discrepancies between planned and actual volumes.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Integration

Seamlessly integrate our drone-generated data into your BIM workflows, enabling better collaboration, visualization, and decision-making across all project phases.